Registration backends

class django_facebook.registration_backends.FacebookRegistrationBackend[source]

A backend compatible with Django Registration It is extremly simple and doesn’t handle things like redirects etc (These are already handled by Django Facebook)

register(request, form=None, **kwargs)[source]

Create and immediately log in a new user.

class django_facebook.registration_backends.NooptRegistrationBackend[source]

Noopt backends forms the basis of support for backends which handle the actual registration in the registration form


Returns the form class to use for registration

Parameters:request – the request object

Returns the template to use for registration

post_connect(request, user, action)[source]

Handles the redirect after connecting

post_error(request, additional_params=None)[source]

Handles the redirect after connecting

register(request, form=None, **kwargs)[source]

Implement your registration logic in this method

  • request – the request object
  • form – the form with the users data
  • kwargs – additional data