Facebook error classes also see http://fbdevwiki.com/wiki/Error_codes#User_Permission_Errors

exception open_facebook.exceptions.AliasException[source]

When you send a request to a non existant url facebook gives this error instead of a 404….

exception open_facebook.exceptions.FacebookUnreachable[source]

Timeouts, 500s, SSL errors etc

exception open_facebook.exceptions.FeedActionLimit[source]

When you posted too many times from one user acount

exception open_facebook.exceptions.OpenFacebookException[source]

BaseClass for all open facebook errors

classmethod codes_list()[source]

Returns the codes as a list of instructions

classmethod range()[source]

Returns for how many codes this Exception, matches with the eventual goal of matching an error to the most specific error class

exception open_facebook.exceptions.OpenGraphException[source]

Raised when we get error 3502, representing a problem with facebook open graph data on the page

exception open_facebook.exceptions.ParameterException[source]

100-189 190 and up are oauth errors

exception open_facebook.exceptions.ParseException[source]

Anything preventing us from parsing the Facebook response

exception open_facebook.exceptions.PermissionException[source]


exception open_facebook.exceptions.UnknownException[source]

Raised when facebook themselves don’t know what went wrong

open_facebook.exceptions.convert_unreachable_exception(e, error_format=u'Facebook is unreachable %s')[source]

Converts an SSLError, HTTPError or URLError into something subclassing FacebookUnreachable allowing code to easily try except this

We always raise the original and new subclass to
  • preserve backwards compatibility